Let our years of experience of working with people in their homes, guide you into making decisions about what your clients need in terms of smart home technology.  All too often time and money is wasted by not having the correct type or quantity of cabling to the locations it's needed most. Let us work with you from the start, ensuring a smooth process throughout, ending with a happy client who can use their devices in every part of their home they wish.

Types of services include:

  • + Structured cable Consultancy and planning based on client requirements and future technologies
  • + Experience based Lighting Control planning and implementation
  • + Early stage WiFi + Networking systems planning, taking into account various building factors
  • + Potential Control solutions for the entire property

It's never too early to start a conversation about a project and with potential clients looking for smarter solutions, a well thought out plan about their networking, lighting and AV requirements from the start will reap rewards in the future.  We are always ready to face new challenges and make new relationships.